iBiology – A fantastic series of biology videos. Highly recommended!


“iBiology’s mission is to bring the stories of cutting-edge research in the life sciences to a global audience without paywalls or other barriers to learning. Our primary means of communication is through videos, so the scientists themselves explain their research and the process of scientific discovery.

By providing a direct link to scientists, iBiology bridges the divides that have emerged between the lab bench and the classroom, and academia and the general public. We also provide special materials geared for educators and professional development for science trainees. While not all the content will be accessible to every audience level, all of our products are infused with the same spirit: that scientific progress is fueled by an open exchange of ideas. Thus this project reflects the ethos of science, as hundreds of researchers have donated their time and effort to share their insights and the excitement of discovery on this open forum.

iBiology.org was founded in 2006 by Ron Vale, a professor at University of California, San Francisco and a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. It has grown to include a wide variety of materials that now consists of hundreds of talks, lectures, interviews, courses, documentary storytelling, and other materials.”

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