Depmap (Broad Institute and collaborators) – Full genomic CRISPR screens >500 cancer cell lines (and counting). 

Depmap – A Cancer Dependency Map to systematically identify genetic and pharmacologic dependencies and the biomarkers that predict them.

Cancer Dependency Map

The mutations that cause cancer cells to grow also confer specific vulnerabilities that normal cells lack. Some of these acquired alterations represent compelling therapeutic targets. The challenge is that, for the overwhelming majority of cancers, we do not fully understand the relationship between the genetic alterations of cancer and the dependencies they cause. To solve this problem, we are creating a “cancer dependency map” by systematically identifying genetic dependencies and small molecule sensitivities and discovering the biomarkers that predict them.

DepMap scientists are profiling hundreds of cancer cell line models for genomic information and sensitivity to genetic and small molecule perturbations. By triangulating information from these and other large-scale datasets, the hope is to define a landscape of genetic targets for therapeutic development, identify patients that who respond to these therapies, and develop a better understanding of the vulnerabilities of cancer.

The DepMap project at the Broad Institute is part of a strategic collaboration with theWellcome Sanger Institute (Hinxton, UK). By leveraging the expertise and infrastructure available at both organisations, we aim to more rapidly deliver a high-quality DepMap. We anticipate that this foundational dataset will catalyse a new wave of precision cancer medicines.

Dependency Map

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