Green Listed

Green Listed is a tool facilitating the rapid design of custom CRISPR screens. It is used to mine publicly available source lists/reference libraries of gRNAs (see examples below) to design custom libraries targeting genes specified by the user, such as all kinases or all genes up-regulated in an RNAseq experiment.

Illustration: Marek Skupiński

Green Listed can be accessed through “” (here).

The publication: Green Listed – A CRISPR Screen Tool. Sudeepta Kumar Panda, Sanjay V. Boddul, Guillermina Yanek Jiménez-Andrade, Long Jiang, Zsolt Kasza, Luciano Fernandez-Ricaud, Fredrik Wermeling. Bioinformatics, 22 December 2016, doi: 10.1093/bioinformatics/btw739. Link

Several videos describing different parts of the software can be found on our youtube channel:

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