Genome-wide libraries for CRISPRi (Dolcetto) and CRISPRa (Calabrese)!

For the paper:

For the plasmids: 


Up, down, and out: optimized libraries for CRISPRa, CRISPRi, and CRISPR-knockout genetic screens

Kendall R SansonRuth E HannaMudra HegdeKatherine F DonovanChristine StrandMeagan E SullenderEmma W VaimbergAmy GoodaleDavid E RootFederica Piccioni, John G Doench


Advances in CRISPR-Cas9 technology have enabled the flexible modulation of gene expression at large scale. In particular, the creation of genome-wide libraries for CRISPR knockout (CRISPRko), CRISPR interference (CRISPRi), and CRISPR activation (CRISPRa) has allowed gene function to be systematically interrogated. Here, we evaluate numerous CRISPRko libraries and show that our recently-described CRISPRko library (Brunello) is more effective than previously published libraries at distinguishing essential and non-essential genes, providing approximately the same perturbation-level performance improvement over GeCKO libraries as GeCKO provided over RNAi. Additionally, we developed genome-wide libraries for CRISPRi (Dolcetto) and CRISPRa (Calabrese). Negative selection screens showed that Dolcetto substantially outperforms existing CRISPRi libraries with fewer sgRNAs per gene and achieves comparable performance to CRISPRko in the detection of gold-standard essential genes. We also conducted positive selection CRISPRa screens and show that Calabrese outperforms the SAM library approach at detecting vemurafenib resistance genes. We further compare CRISPRa to genome-scale libraries of open reading frames (ORFs). Together, these libraries represent a suite of genome-wide tools to efficiently interrogate gene function with multiple modalities.

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